Consider the following scenario’s for deciding when to call upon us/meet with us:

You’re making progress, but then …

… there is the need of an external assessment

A project comes to an end, and the results need to be evaluated externally. Or a project is on its way and its process needs to be monitored externally. Such a project can be of different types, such as developmental work, curriculum design, team focus, skills development.

… there is the need of an expert who works side by side with the project team.

We share our knowledge and experiences, and help the team to grow.

… there is some stagnation.

During meetings what is said has been said before: the questions raised, the points made, the proposals on the table. There is a need for a mutual enquiry into the backgrounds and the origins: what are we’re doing and what is it all about? Answering this question will help to move forward. We provide the facilitation of such an enquiry.

… there is a conflict.

In the meetings participants focus upon what sets them apart, what makes them oppose each other, and what is wrong with ‘them’. A spiral of mutual disempowerment is threatening. We can help you to find the bridge in order to cross barriers, to create harmony, or at least to come to an agreement.